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Mono Lake Sunrise  2009 Thomas I. Morse
Mono Lake Sunrise 2009 Thomas I. Morse

Eastern Sierra Scenic & Historic Ghost Town Tour - GPP Bodie Changes for 2011

After teaching the Bodie workshop for 35 years, the Bodie workshop as everyone knew it is no more. This is due to the unreasonable restrictions from the State Parks and the recent death of a State Park employee from Hantavirus.

The Hantavirus death will almost certainly end any access to the building interiors forever. I had warned the park employee that passed away on several occasions that Hantavirus could be a problem if the mouse problem was not addressed.

The State Parks have been trying to get rid of the photographic workshops for years. Since it was disclosed by one of GPP's clients that he was being audited by the IRS because of a donation made to the Friends of Bodie was not a legal non-profit as they had claimed to be. The Friends of Bodie also, intentionally deceived GPP sponsoring Corporations Nikon, Fuji, Wells Fargo Bank, Time Warner, Sunset Magazine and myself about the Friends of Bodie's non-profit status. None of these Corporations or myself would have been involved in the multi million-dollar fund raising project if it was known that they were not a legal non-profit.

A new better photographic experience

From everything that passes on comes something new that may be even better. That is the attitude GPP is taking on, how to offer another better Ghost Town experience. In 2011 a new expedition will be offered to replace the Bodie workshops. It will still offer two days of photographing exteriors in Bodie as part of the expedition. To comply with regulations you will have to pay the park entrance fee. There will be no instruction in Bodie, just a free photo shoot during park hours. However, it will also include four-wheel drive trips to the other remaining Ghost towns in the area like Aurora, Masonic, and other spectacular places like Mono Lake and Saddlebag lake.

The cost of the expedition will be far less than the 2010 Bodie workshops and will give the participant much more material to photograph in places rarely visited by the public. This is a shared expense expedition. The cost will be based on actual real expenses and the number of participants, the more participants attending the lower the cost. The set price is gone and can be lower with more participants. The maximum size of the group will be limited to a realistic number for the locations visited. The price in the past was highly influenced by State fees and restrictions . The Bodie workshop of the past required a massive 160 hours of labor to offer.

This new expedition will be geared towards those who wish to travel to remote locations with four-wheel drive vehicles. Motor home or camping will not be required. However, may be done by those that wish to do so.

Also, during the non-shooting time new for this expedition will be advanced Photoshop instruction from Albina Nesterova and myself. Albina is wonderful addition to the GPP team and an expert in Photoshop and will work with participants on advanced techniques. Albina is expected to join the GPP team by April 2011. The new name for the Expedition will be the "Eastern Sierra Scenic & Historic Ghost Town Tour" replacing the "Bodie Workshop". With all things considered this Bodie workshop replacement will be a major upgrade at a reduced cost. The Ghost Town of Bodie is the last intact ghost town in the western United States. The buildings contain many personal items that make it appear as if the former residents left to go out to lunch and never came back.

Of all the locations that GPP conducts tours, locations in the Bodie area are the most difficult to photograph. Due to its high elevation of 8,375 feet, the contrast is often as much as eight stops. The color temperature is at least 6,500 to 7,000 Kelvin. These conditions require GPP to teach advanced techniques. Specilized equipment is usually available for you to check out as well as many other items to assist you in your photographic endeavors. This tour features outstanding exteriors of Bodie and other area Ghost Towns.

The Bodiew workshop was extremely popular and was often booked a year or more in advance. Participants have shot over 300,000 images of this incredible town since 1975.

Digital imaging, introduction to photoshop and evaluation of photographs shot.

Extensive handbook and instruction included.

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