Global Preservation Project's

Mission Statement

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"International photographic exhibitions and publications promoting the preservation of environmental and historic treasures"

GPP teaches high level photographic workshops to educate and inspire both the beginner and the professional photographer in techniques that allow better comiucation to appreciate and preserve our environment and historic treasures.

GPP uses the power of photographic images to inspire the general public to appreciate and preserve the environment for future generations.

GPP supports just environmental solutions that take all sides into account, offering ways that positive results can prevail.

GPP fundraisers for non-profits utilize the power of outstanding images. A portion of proceeds from exhibit sales benefits non-profits. GPP also supports environmental or historic preservation issues through publications.

GPP supports environmental groups that meet the following standards;

  1. They must support only excellent science in addressing issues of global warming or other environmental topics.
  2. They must have a co-operative stance towards solving environmental challenges.
  3. They must take into account the impact of economic issues and suggest solutions that provide all sides with win-win results while protecting the environment for future generations.
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