Durango Fall Color Evaluations

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Global Preservation Projects asks all participants for feedback in the form of evaluations at the end of each workshop. The evaluations are both numerical giving a percentage approval rating and written so comments can be added. The form is kept the same for all workshops so a yearly over all rating for all locations can be obtained.

Durango Fall Color 2005

Overall rating 95.7%

Quality of Handbooks 100%

"Tremendous amount of information. Frankly more than I needed especically with regards to weather charts."

Pre-Expedition Instruction 95%

"Extremely detailed in followup and reminders, checking in."

Quality of Instruction by Thomas I. Morse 100.0%

"Very informative and extremely useful with angels to shoot from. Help with exposure settings, focal lengths was very much appreciated. It was very apparent that there is a great care, concern on Tom's part to make sure everyone got great images."

Quality of on site instruction 96.7%

"Constantly checking in on shooters, offering shot ideas."

Locations 100.0%

"I knocked overall score down a point party for the weather."

"Very clear that locations have been well-scouted. Locations were all breath-taking. I could not find these sites on my own. The weather could have been warmer."

Quality of Planning shooting time 96.7%

"Knew when and where the "light" would be, plus where color peaked."

Quality of digital imaging & PhotoShop demos 90%

"Simplified to the point that I can't wait to get home to work on Photoshop. Would have liked to learn more to go to the next step from basics."

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