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Canadian Rockies  2009 Thomas I. Morse
Canadian Rockies 2009 Thomas I. Morse

Global Preservation Projects photographic workshops are held throughout the western United States in places of natural and / or historical beauty. Listed in the order normally scheduled.

2011 Schedule

Arches and Canyonlands Expedition
 Turret Arch Sunrise  2005 Thomas I. Morse
    January 23-27, 2011     $895.00, if payment after October 29, 2010 $995.00
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Durango in Winter Expedition
Engine 482, San Juan Mountains, Colorado  2007 Thomas I. Morse
    February 17-20, 2011 participants     $895.00 if payment after December 17, 2010 $995.00 Plus Train Ticket
discount to Arches & Canyonlands Participants
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Napa Valley Expedition
  2005 Thomas I. Morse
    February 27 to March 2, 2011     $195.00, if payment after November 27, 2010 $295.00
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Organ Pipe Expedition
 Organ Pipe Sunset  2005 Thomas I. Morse
    Organ Pipe Expedition March 6-10, 2011     $225.00,, if payment after December 11, 2010 $325.00
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   Big Sur Expedition
Big Sur Falls  1999 Thomas I. Morse
    March 27-31 2011    $395.00, if payment after December 27, 2010 $495.00
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Slot Canyons & Grand Staircase Expedition
Horseshoe Bend  1995 Thomas I. Morse
    May 8-12, 2011    $895.00, if payment after February 8, 2011 $995.00
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Monument Valley Expedition
Mittens  2011 Thomas I. Morse
    May 15-19, 2011    $895.00, if payment after February 15, 2011 $995.00
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Eastern Sierria, Mono Lake & Ghost town tour
Mono Lake Sunrise   2009 Thomas I. Morse
    July 17-21, 2011     $495.00
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Colorado Fall Color Expedition
San Juan Fall color in the snow  2006 Thomas I. Morse
    September 24-29, 2011     $895.00, if payment after June 24, 2011 $995.00
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White Sands, City of Rocks Expedition
White Sands  2005 Thomas I. Morse
    October 2-5, 2011     $395.00, if payment after July 2, 2011 $495.00
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Very Large Array Expedition
Very Large Array  2005 Thomas I. Morse
    October 8-10, 2010     $195.00
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Death Valley, Albama Hills Expedition
Death Valley Dunes  2001 Thomas I. Morse
    Nov 16-20, 2011     $395, if payment after August 16, 2010 $495.00
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Digital Basics Photoshop Workshop
    January, April & June 2011     $199.00
    Exact dates set by participants' schedule.
All photographic workshop prices are based on a minimum of six participants. All photographic expeditions are based on a minimum three participants If an Expedition does not fill to a breakeven it will become a shared expense tour. All Shared expense expeditions or tours prices will go up or down depending on the number of particpants. Any workshop or expedition that does not fill to a break-even level is subject to a fuel sur-charge.

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