Workshop Application

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To apply for a workshop:

Please use your web browser to print the application form. Then use a dark pen to fill it in and mail or fax it to us. To print the application with your web browser, first go to the application, then click the "File" menu, then "Print".

Send it in with a deposit of $250 for each workshop. The deposit is non-refundable within 90 days of the start of the workshop unless you find someone to take your place. Space in the workshop can not be held without a deposit. Make checks payable to Global Preservation Projects (or GPP). To pay by credit card enter your credit card information in the spaces provided.

Send to:

Global Preservation Projects
PO Box 30866
Santa Barbara, CA 93130

e-mail TIMorse@aol.com

If you have questions call (805) 682-3398, or e-mail timorse@aol.com or Globalpp@aol.com.

Policies - Please read these before applying to take a workshop. Policies may change from time to time so please read them for the current policies.